“My range hood is not powerful!!!!!”. This is an expression that may be common in our daily lives and it comes with a sense of dissatisfaction and despair. You install a kitchen hood with an advertised extraction capacity high enough to meet your needs, but once installed, it does not meet the requirements and your house smells like “food”. It is important to know that the extraction capacity as described by the manufacturer (expressed in cfm) is often measured under conditions that are not the same as the conditions of use of your kitchen hood once it is installed in your home. The complexity of your air ducts (lengths, types of ducts, changes of direction, backdraft dampers, etc.) and the quality of installation are factors to consider when choosing your range hood. These factors contribute to increase static pressure in the ducts; a kind of resistance to air movement. At Aroua Tek inc. we will support you in estimating the actual air extraction of your kitchen hood before installation.